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Why Were ACH & Ethan Page Fined By EVOLVE?

WWN officials announced they had fined ACH and Ethan Page for their actions at EVOLVE 89. It's an unusual step considering that most unsavory actions in the promotion are simply handled in the ring. Attack another wrestler outside of a match? Settle it in the ring at the next set of events. Talk trash? Settle it in the ring.

ACH and Page broke an unwritten rule, however, by simply not taking their match seriously, a result of ACH and Page's displeasure at being placed second on the card at EVOLVE 89.

"Both ACH and Ethan Page have been fined an undisclosed amount of money for how they approached their match at EVOLVE 89," the statement from WWN officials in the recent newsletter read.

Check out the video for a snapshot of exactly what went wrong with two talented wrestlers decided to make a mockery of the bout and make sure to catch the full EVOLVE 89 replay.
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