What Happened At WWE Raw?

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It's time for the weekly run-through of the action from the biggest TV show in wrestling.

Monday night's WWE Raw saw a lot happen, even if it wasn't always in the way people most wanted. Let's take a look at the top moments from the show.

The Shield Reunites

We've seen it coming for weeks. It's been teased and drawn out and hasn't necessarily felt like a great build or anything, but The Shield are incredibly popular as a group, making for a situation people are going to be happy with regardless.

Still, remember the gravity of the breakup and compare it to the reunion. Sure, it got a good reaction, but it didn't feel like it had the sense of importance I'd have expected the eventual reunion to have.

The TLC match is now set with The Shield taking on Cesaro, Sheamus, and The Miz. It should make for great action if nothing else.

A New 205 Champ

Rush, rush, rush. That's the way the cruiserweight division works. After a new wrinkle is added, it becomes the dominant thing and is rushed into a fizzle.

Kalisto should have been in the 205-pound division from the jump. That said, Kalisto finally joining didn't need to result in an immediate title reign. That's doubly true if they shoot the title back over to Enzo Amore at the TLC pay-per-view.

Still, this was as fun as an Enzo Amore match gets and there is a bit of a sense of importance at 205 for the time being.

Baby steps.

Step On Up, Emma -- Get Kicked In The Head

Emma won a Fatal 5-Way match to win the honor of being Asuka's first victim when she debuts at TLC.

They've got great chemistry, so I'm all about the match happening. As with any debut, it's important to see if they figure out how to handle a new member of the main roster, especially someone as special as Asuka.

Sister Abi... Naw, I'm Good

This whole thing is dumb. Bray Wyatt is probably a lost cause outside of potentially taking him off TV for an extended period of time.

I know there has been so much talk of creative thinking the Wyatt character is bulletproof. But he's riddled with bullet holes from where I'm sitting.

Triple H Issues Warning To Jinder Mahal For India Match

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When WWE took the WWE Championship off the waist of Jinder Mahal weeks prior to Survivor Series, it was a shock for many fans. This was especially true given the WWE's plans to tour India and Mahal's media tour promoting the December trip.

WWE Smackdown Live Highs & Lows: Smartest Guys In The Arena

WWE.com sami chair.jpg

One night after a disappointing edition of Raw, Team Blue handed in a fairly decent edition of Smackdown Live.

WWE Raw's Highs & Lows: Killing Time

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It's going to be quite some time before the stars of WWE Raw are on a pay-per-view event. Historically, that has meant runs of Raw lacking in significant developments.

10,000 Seats? That Should Be Enough For Cody & Young Bucks


Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks were a little cryptic last week after posting a tweet about a "scouting trip" with the hashtag #ROH10000.

Raw Roster Getting Ready For Six-Woman Tag Match Tonight

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Last week on WWE Raw, Paige, Mandy Rose, and Sonya Deville sent a big message when they stunned the women's locker room with a brutal attack during a No. 1 contender match.

Drew McIntyre Confirms Injury, Says Return Will Be Scary For 2018's Champ

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It was all but certain in the moments following his NXT Championship loss to Andrade "Cien" Almas that Drew McIntyre had suffered a significant injury to his arm.

Finn Balor Ready To 'Step Over' Roman Reigns For IC Title

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Finn Balor has been the center of a lot of talk that the WWE doesn't see him as "over" enough to push him like it once planned.

Full WWE Starrcade Results: Styles Retains Championship


WWE held its first-ever Starrcade on Saturday night, reviving the longtime WCW cornerstone event.

Arn Anderson Showed Off His Still-Perfect Spinebuster At Starrcade


Arn Anderson has always had a gorgeous spinebuster.

A Sami Callihan Kiss Has Satoshi Kojima A Little Shook

NJPW kojima.jpg

Facing Sami Callihan is something that comes with a its own unique challenges.