WWE Smackdown Live Recap: Owens & Zayn Explain Actions


It's time for the rundown of the action from WWE Smackdown Live, everyone's favorite (by default) Tuesday night wrestling program!

Let's run our way through the highlights of the show.

Tag Division Takes Next Step

The show kicked off with the Usos and the New Day in the ring, where they were amazingly cordial to each other. The Usos were especially high on the fact the two teams tear down the house every time they face off -- with their Hell in a Cell showdown being the peak of their rivalry.

After declaring that the teams in the back "suck" -- and New Day agreeing that the two teams are the best -- out came the Hype Bros, Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin, Breezango, and the Ascension, leading to a fatal four-way to crown the next challengers for the Usos' tag belts.

Despite being by far the most over team in the match, Breezango (specifically Tyler Breeze) ate the pin from Gable and Benjamin. Breezango aren't my favorite duo, but that's a matter of personal taste and I know I'm in the minority.

They not only lost in a match where it would have been perfectly easy for one of the Hype Bros to take the pin, but after advertising that the Fashion Files would have a segment on the show during Hell in a Cell, it never happened.

It's as if Smackdown Live is dying to stumble on everything that could work.

Friendship Is Key

Sami Zayn saved Kevin Owens at Hell in a Cell and when the time came to explain, both men delivered an amazing performance.

We expect greatness from Owens at all times, or at least I do. But on the mic, Zayn can be uneven. He delivered in a huge way in what is undoubtedly the most important promo of his professional career.

The two men talked at a measured pace and told a story that had the audience not interrupting every pause with the ever-annoying "What?" chant. And this career-long story of these two men took a massive step forward.

Corbin Gets Needed Win

The always-frustrating "title won without pinning the champ" thing went down at Hell in a Cell when Baron Corbin took AJ Styles' United States championship by pinning Tye DIllinger. If they wanted to transition between the oddly bumbling bruiser who couldn't get it done to a threatening champion, he needed to top Styles cleanly.

He did just that in the main event of the show. It's a good decision and something that will help Corbin head up the U.S. title race and hopefully Styles moves along well to the kind of bigger things he deserves.

Lynch Tops Carmella

There's not a lot to this one: Natalya talked about her DQ loss to Charlotte Flair at Hell in a Cell that allowed her to retain the title, Lana and Tamina interrupted, Carmella was next up to interrupt, and that led to Charlotte and the expected brawl with Natalya.

We also got a match between Becky Lynch and Carmella which Lynch took with little trouble, but Carmella has the Money in the Bank briefcase and nothing but time.

The Rest

Erick Rowan and Luke Harper got a video package reintroducing them as the Bludgeon Brothers. The name is a bit goofy, but maybe goofy in a good way. Just like those giant hammers.

Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler are still doing ... this whole thing.

In the cruelest moment since Shinsuke Nakamura came to WWE, he went for battling for the WWE Championship to teaming with Randy Orton. Handsome Rusev was in the match, at least.

Also, Jinder Mahal was not on the show just days after retaining his title on PPV. So, that's good.

Triple H Issues Warning To Jinder Mahal For India Match

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When WWE took the WWE Championship off the waist of Jinder Mahal weeks prior to Survivor Series, it was a shock for many fans. This was especially true given the WWE's plans to tour India and Mahal's media tour promoting the December trip.

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Raw Roster Getting Ready For Six-Woman Tag Match Tonight

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Drew McIntyre Confirms Injury, Says Return Will Be Scary For 2018's Champ

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It was all but certain in the moments following his NXT Championship loss to Andrade "Cien" Almas that Drew McIntyre had suffered a significant injury to his arm.

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